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kraft Strong manufacturing company
8 years of success




Now is the 14th year since the moment when our company has started to work.

All this time we have worked without a task “to win the market or grow up to industrial level” All this time our private company stayed simple & decent in its work.

Our specialization - is glazing works of private houses, from small cottages to residences. This segment of business, small but cosy is interesting to us. We prefer to work with beautiful projects outdoor, instead of noisy streets of the city, with architects who build "houses", instead of dusty and monotonous urban giants.

We like our work and proud of its results. Over the years we were not engaged in advertising and didn’t search for new clients. 99.9% of our clients have found us by themselves under recommendations and by the reviews. It was and will stay the major indicator in results of our work.


All our technological processes are certificated by the companies - producers of structures. We give a great importance to the quality of constructions that made by us. The key to success – is big experience of our employees and good technological base.

The workshop that output aluminium constructions, substantiated with specialized equipment of Italian and German producers that meet the highest European standards.

Insulating glass production line of our partners is a hardware company and LISEC BOTTERO

The manufacturing policy of double-glazed windows of our partners consist equipment from LISEC and BOTTERO firms, which allows producing of double-glazed windows of any types and sizes.

Our manufacture is capable to work with any producers of aluminium structures. But we give preference to systems of the market leaders-companies, first of all to Reynaers and to some scores by Schueco.

In the process of manufacture and installation of products operates the monitoring system of quality, developed at the enterprise. It allows giving a full guarantee on all products.